Welcome to one of the blogs by the Monro Family living on the island of Corfu…

too peas and a carrot
monro family corfu
My Too Peas as I call them – Father and son
[Andy and Jamie]

I have to say as I write this, it is not the page I thought I would be writing, due to what will be known in history as one of the defining years for the world as we know it…. we are currently on the official day 6 of the Corona Virus Lockdown 2020 [March 28th] …. I say day 6 although in actual fact it has been longer.

We are incredibly lucky to live on the Greek island of Corfu and as soon as the virus hit Greece the government here took amazing action. I won’t fill this page with what has happened as I will do a post about that…this instead is to let you know about us…..

corfu town
old fort
Old Fortress Corfu
Corfu Town – the Old Fortress

So we are the mad Monro family…Andy and I have been here in Corfu over 30 years – you can see more about the hows and whys about that in the post called “Gerald Durrell and Margaret Thatcher”

As I mentioned the reason for this blog is actually a few things – firstly we have now been here more than half our lives, this is our home for better and for worse. During that time a lot has happened, we have had various jobs. I now have my own company dealing with holidays, and house sales and rentals but also, have dealt with a lot of people who like us want to change their lives and think about living here, maybe something here will help them, it was much easier back when we did it and a lot has changed since then, and not all for the better. 

Andy has spent his Corfu life in, on or at least near the sea. Within a year of us arriving he found his second love – Scuba diving [although it may occasionally have been his first LOL!] and went on to work with a local company and over the years, to become qualified as a BSAC 3 star instructor…. after an incredible 12 years with them he then went on to work with a company called Sailing Holidays [Yacht charters] and has been there ever since….

monro madness
scuba diving
Andy and Jamie – both all about the water!

Together we have had and raised a son, Jamie [actually Dimitri!] who is currently just 20 years old and we are so proud of him. Although Greek is not his first language he managed to get through the whole schooling system [all in Greek] and technical college and graduate. This all with no help from his parents who after over 30 years still struggle!

Jamie is also now employed with Sailing Holidays as both a welder and engineer, while already passing a first aid course, his PADI open water scuba diving certificate, his powerboat 2 license [He and Andy bought a 7m rib to go diving – she is called Muffintop!!] and his ICC [Yachting certificate] AND building a home from shipping containers as you can see on our other blog – The Corfu Container Home

We have dealt with the health care side of Greece including various hospital stays – there may be a few pages about that! – bought a wreck of a building and restored it to a lovely little village home [we could write a whole book on that!], and a whole load of other adventures and have survived to tell the tale!!

So, basically this blog will not just be about food, although there will be a lot of that, and coffee… and possibly a little bit of alcohol! But also there may be posts about the Island we are lucky enough to call home, or perhaps something we just want to share – so not so much a food blog as a “Corfu Lifestyle blog – Monro style” – you have been warned [LOL] and thanks for reading …..

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