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“LIKE A CONDOM!!! “ is what my dermatologist is shouting at me as I am walking out of her office through a packed waiting room…..

You may wonder why – as were at least 8 other people while watching me leave with tears rolling down my face, red with both embarrassment and laughter …

I am redhead, with a few freckles but not as many as some and of course have the pale non-browning skin that goes with it. I also have Heterochromia eyes – one blue and one green…Now people do not notice so much as with age the colour has dimmed but when I was a child you would have noticed straight away so you can imagine my school life – redhead with one bright blue and one bright green eye, yup it was fun…..


So when I had a few new freckles or not freckle??? marks I, of course, went to my dermatologist who is absolutely lovely and I think likes to think of herself as a bit of a comedian…

Example – Her –  “this won’t hurt” Me – “WTF!!!!! Owwwwwwww”…… Her “hahahaha”…

So on my last visit, I get a big lecture about how my skin is not really made for the Greek climate and I must be ever vigilant and [ whilst still in the privacy of her office ] I quote” you must wear factor 50 all over in the sun – like a condom!!! “ She is at the same time pulling an imaginary condom over her head down to her feet …

I am literally bent double with laughing at her and the image this puts in my head …me on a sunbed in a full-size condom … sipping on my frappe…

So my appointment finishes – all is well with the pale skin at the moment – I go to walk out and that sentence follows me right down the corridor … She thinks it is hilarious I think!

Which brings me to this wonderful Coffee scrub soap… Factor 50 is all well and good when rubbing it all over you, but the problem is getting it off … Conventional soap just slides right off my skin while trying to remove the factor 50 so I can at least go to bed without sliding off it…

So while finding out about how to use your coffee grounds in the compost I also found out coffee is great for your skin!!!  Plus using this, of course, means no chemicals are going into the water and we can use the grey water for the garden!

There is a coarse sugar feel to the soap so it gets through the factor 50 – or if once a week you just feel like you need a nice scrub to smooth your skin – this is the stuff!

It is sooo easy to make and the variations you could do are endless …I LOVE it!!!

coffee soap
Coffee soap scrub!

Now Andy is a bit of a snob – “Coffee snob” that is and our friend Maudie who comes to see us is always trying to find new and exciting brands for him to try ….. She recently hit gold almost on her doorstep !! The wonderful Coaltown Coffee Roasting company !! I won’t tell you their story – please read it for yourself but they are absolutely inspiring and deserve to do well as their coffee is as exceptional as their story….

So for the recipe below, I used their Maridadi coffee – after enjoying it on the balcony!! And when we finished the bag – they also make awesome plant pots for the kitchen herbs! It really is a win-win!! If you don’t have a Maudie of your own to bring you treats they also do online ordering and shipping!



7oz  chemical-free soap base – I used this one and it melts and sets beautifully!

1 ½ cups sugar – if you can use coarse brown sugar – otherwise normal granulated white is OK

4 heaped tbsps coffee grounds that you have used for your coffee, drunk and enjoyed and drained the excess water out of…

½ cup coconut oil

In a metal bowl  [ if you have one ] add the chopped up soap base and melt over a pan of boiling water.

Once it is all melted add the coconut oil and make sure all melted as well..

Take off the heat – you don’t want it too hot to melt the sugar!

Add the coffee grounds – mix well

Add the sugar – you should have a slushy thick kind of mix now…

Pour into a tray or molds – I have used cupcake silicone cups, muffin ones as well –just make sure your son knows it is not an actual cupcake! – I have also just poured the whole lot into a square dish and sliced it into bars.

Leave to set – somewhere cool is best – fridge even …

If in molds pop out – if in a tray cut into slices/cubes what ever you like

And there it is – coffee flavoured soap scrub!

It also makes lovely gifts and as I say your imagination can add all sorts – maybe a whole coffee bean decoration, food colouring? weird mold shapes?

coffee soap


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  • Cara

    Absolutely brilliant love it.
    Adore the soap recipe fantastic.

    We buy coaltown coffee when we can, as only up the road for us.Many places serve it near us,Aberglasney were i worked also sell it in the tearooms, lovely coffee xxx

  • Aphro

    You are hilarious! I never noticed your eyes!! Just that they are always so sparkly ✨
    This is such a great idea. Too bad the soap base is out of stock on Amazon.

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