AGGGG – what’s the matter with your face?

It is not the sentence you want to hear first thing in the morning when reaching over for a kiss from your husband of more than 30 years… It was 27th April 2017…

It does, however, make you spring from the bed – well in my case not exactly spring but definitely quicker than usual! – and rush to the bathroom ….

Turmeric curry powder mix bells palsy and arthritis

We had left the island of Corfu [our home] the previous day to travel straight across Greece to the island of Euboea to deliver equipment for Sailing Holidays, the company my husband worked for, and were currently in a lovely little apartment in the town of Orei.

Now one of the few things Andy and I ever disagree on is air-conditioning in the vehicle we happen to be in…. He will have it like we are transporting frozen food, I prefer it off and the window open – perhaps I am on some level claustrophobic as I do that even when it is winter LOL..

So we had driven XXXX hours with the AC full-on [driver has the choice!] – with me muttering as I had also just had the most horrid sore throat for 3 weeks – you will understand why I tell you this in a while…


The night before we had had a lovely meal – well it looked lovely but it tasted funny to me – like when you cut your finger and suck the blood – that sort of metallic taste and so I had not eaten much.

And so we come back to the morning and me rushing to the bathroom … To look in the mirror and freak out as I thought I was having a stroke – the right side of my face was melting …literally melting is the only way to describe it …Left side fine …right side melting ….

Now by chance about a week before my friend had posted on her Facebook page one of those things that most people often scroll past – something like 5 things to tell if your having a stroke and as my mum had had 3 I actually read it…

stroke bels palsy

One of the things was to stick your tongue out and if it goes to one side and you cannot hold it straight then it may be a stroke …So I am now in the bathroom – still freaking but now freaking with my tongue hanging out…yep not pretty at all …I looked like a demented New Zealand Black rugby player doing the Haka on steroids!

I should add that one of my weird attributes/party pieces  [yes, there is more than one!] is that I can touch the end of my nose with my tongue … So I am wagging it around and up my nostrils as if my life depended on it … It was working fine! Huge sigh of relief – well would have been a sigh but came out like a honk due to my mouth not working on one side!

So we get ready with Andy looking at me sideways, go and deliver the equipment and head home… yes, I could have gone to a doctor there but as most will agree, I wanted to see my doctor and be near our son and our home…

We get on the ferry back to Corfu from the mainland, my face is now considerably worse [people were pulling their children away from the weird dribbling woman] and I called my doctor, tell him my symptoms and he makes an appointment with a neurologist who will be waiting for us once we get off the ferry in Corfu Town….

Here is one of the videos I made – please note I love taking photos and hate being in front of the camera!!


Bless him, the ferry was delayed but he waited for us… After much prodding and poking he tells me it is not a stroke [which of course I had googled the hell out of on the way back!] but severe Bells Palsy.. which I have to be honest all I heard was Palsy and the image of cerebral palsy started flashing through my mind…I had never heard of Bells Palsy… He tells me it is so bad we are looking at a minimum 6-month recovery and even then it does not always reverse…

Now I always feel better once I know what is wrong as I think that is half the battle with illness, so I left the doctors, Andy took me home and I of course then Googled the hell out of Bells Palsy…

 I was to have 3 cortisone injections – if you ever get this the main thing people say is to get the injections as quickly as possible after symptoms start – and a whole array of tablets from the doctor, for which I was not impressed as I hate taking stuff like that….

On googling Bells Palsy I found a lot of people talking about Turmeric and how it helped the inflammation of the nerve reduce ..It turns out I probably got it as my glands were swollen from the sore throat, plus I had had the AC blasting into my ear [I didn’t even think about the AC until the doctor asked] and basically the nerve near the ear controls your whole face – who knew!

So luckily I had heard about a lady in Corfu making “Golden Paste” – a mix of Turmeric, coconut oil and black pepper – so I got hold of her and bought a jar… She also gave me a little tray that was actually for making chocolate shaped like coffee beans, squeezed the paste into the little forms, and froze them so ended up with frozen tablet-sized like pellets of the paste…

Turmeric curry powder mix bells palsy and arthritis

I took loads of these through the first few days – which was hard enough as half my mouth and throat weren’t working, but they were helped by frozen coffees and milkshakes so all good! Although slightly wasted as I now could not taste anything but metal…..

So I shut myself away and waited… 2 weeks later I went to see the doctor for my checkup and he nearly fell off the chair! He could not believe the improvement and I had not taken one of the tablets he had prescribed! Although not cured he was amazed at the improvement!

I was basically recovered in less than 3 months – although it never healed 100% – everything is still ever so slightly off and when I get tired I sometimes feel it is there but no one notices so all is good….

Now in between all of this while taking the Turmeric I noticed something else – my arthritis was soooooooooo much better! I had my first hip replacement when I was 36 so for me to suddenly feel way better was a huge blessing! The only thing I could attribute it to was, of course, the Turmeric….

So from that day to this Turmeric is part of my life.. I don’t take so much but whenever I can I add it to food or take some tablets on bad days…So for our curry powder mix, there is a lot of turmeric, you can actually half it and still get a nice tasty mix but it doesn’t hurt to keep to this ratio….

I know some people have tried turmeric and not got any benefit and I know others like myself that swear by it, it is not, unfortunately, the miracle cure but it works for me and improves my “quality of life” as my surgeon calls it so I will still take it – on the other hand, this is a lovely curry powder mix anyway – Enjoy!

Turmeric curry powder mix bells palsy and arthritis


I have a jar I keep for this mix and whenever it gets low to be honest I just add all the ingredients and give it a shake…

1 tbsp ground coriander seeds –

I have to say I like these rather than the powder as I like to bash them in the pestel and mortar so they are fresh and you get the little bits of crunch now and again…but that is just me – I also add a couple of cardamom seed so the mix as well and bash them – otherwise use pre ground

2 tsp ground Cumin – this I do buy ground

2 tbsp Turmeric – yup Tablespoons! And I usually do heaped….

½ tsp ground black peper

½ tsp chilli powder – if you like your curry to melt your mouth add more..it is all down to taste – we like a little heat and to still taste the food.

½ tsp ground ginger – I don’t do so much as I like to also add some fresh ginger to the dish

½ tsp garlic powder – again add more if you like garlic but I also add fresh to the dish as well usually

All in the jar – give a good shake and that is it…………

All of the above I get from the wonderful Sweet and Spicy shop in town – she also does online ordering if you are not in Corfu….Thanks for reading!


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